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Adus Moon Bin

Length 350 mm Height 960 mm Width 350 mm Stand No Capacity 80 Litres Full Weight 3.800 Kg LID Type

Corner Bin

Length 500mm Height 890mm Width 450mm Stand Yes M.S. Capacity 130 Litres Full Weight 14.500Kg LID Type Open Handle Paddle

Double Compartment Bin

Length 700 mm Height 2240 mm Width 700 mm Stand Yes Capacity 220 Litres Full Weight 18.400 Kg LID Type

Flappy Bin

Length 290mm Height 490mm Width 290mm Stand No Capacity 20 Litres Full Weight 2 Kg LID Type Swing/Flash Handle Yes

Loft Tank

  • UV Stabilized
  • Anti Microbial
  • 5 years warranty
  • Rotomoulded Tanks
  • Food Grade Material
  • 100% LLDPE Polymer
  • Available in many colors
  • Available from 100 Ltr. to 500 Ltr.
  • 25% Heavier than Blow Moulded Tanks

Mobile Bin

Length 1360 mm Height 1300 mm Width 1070 mm Stand Yes Capacity 1000 Litres Full Weight 45 Kg LID Type

Open Cap

Length 400 mm Height 830 mm Width 400 mm Stand No Capacity 120 Litres Full Weight 15.00 Kg LID Type

Patient Bed Bin

Length 610mm Height 480mm Width 180mm Stand Yes M.S. Capacity 30 Litres Full Weight 5.500Kg LID Type Open Handle Paddle

Regular Fix Stand Bin

Length 455mm Height 1280mm Width 455mm Stand Yes Capacity 100 Litres Full Weight 12.800 Kg LID Type Open Handle Yes

Santro Bin

Length 1430 mm Height 1180 mm Width 980 mm Stand Yes Capacity 500 Litres Full Weight 35 Kg LID Type