Atul Export House

Atul Exports is a reliable & trustworthy Company based in Agra. India.With An objective of achieving wider exposure in the World Scenario. our Company was established in 1 992. Since then we have matured into more professional and organized export house and is proudly exporting various critical and general items in Engineering & Plastics as listed below:

  1. I. PVC Pipes & Fittings for potable water supply
  2. PVC Casing & Screen/Slotted Pipes for Borewells & Tubewells
  3. PVC Column Pipes & Adopters for Submersibles
  4. PVC Plumbing & PVC Conduit Pipes
  5. Air Coolers- Domestic & Industrial
  6. Handpumps-India Mark II.Mark Ill.Extra Deep Well & Afridev and all Hand Pump Spare parts
  7. Diesel Engine Diesel Pumpsets and its spare parts
  8. Diesel Generators upto 20 KVA and Silent SG Se
  9. Grinding Media & Castings
  10. I0. LLDPE Plastic Water Storage Tanks
  11. I I.LLDPE Plastic Dustbins.Waste Bins & Trolleys

Apart from above. as a Merchant Exporter our list of export items in an open list meeting various requirements of our foreign buyers.

On the International Track

We have vast experience in export business as we have been regular ·exporting our products worldwide for the last 25 years. We have our client base in every part of the globe including Nepal, Bangladesh, SriLanka, Africa, Singapore, Qatar, Australia, Greece, Germany, Poland, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Panama, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc.

We have well Qualified & experienced persons in our Company so that we can give maximum benefits of their knowledge & skills to our end

user customers by providing them best Quality products at most reasonable prices.We have established closer & longer working relationships with our clients and we not only provide immediate & reliable service but continually exceed expectations & goals.

We follow international norms and give our customers Quality products with easy available. Our Quality can be duly assessed by our accreditations of CE Marking. BIS Licenses & ISO Certifications .

Our mission is to meet the increasing & diversified demands of the customers . being the preferred supplier of our customers with our products exceeding their Quality requirements, meetings the customers expectations by providing them best quality products with latest technology & service and harnessing the creative energies of our people through teamwork develop a transparent work environment.

Our focus is to foster growth and promote enduring business ties with clients. In our quest for excellence, customer satisfaction & commitment is the driving force.