ATUL COOLERS offers Maintenance of Industrial Evaporative Coolers throughout in India. Maintenance of Industrial Coolers. Ideally, just as Industrial Evaporative Coolers are turned on, cool air should start coming. Majority of times this is the case. However, it is a matter of concern if the Industrial evaporative cooler don’t run efficiently and if they aren’t producing cold air.

You should consider your Industrial fan & air Coolers just like a car, having a motor, which runs on a kind of energy. Just as the car’s battery is recharged, plugs are sparked and oil is changed, even HVAC motors need regular maintenance so that they run effectively and efficiently. Given below are some maintenance tips when it comes to Industrial & Commercial Air Coolers::

Efficiency of industrial evaporative coolers

  • For making the industrial & commercial coolers run very efficiently, wait till the temperature has gone high. With this, 50 percent of water usage would be saved.
  • The pump should be turned on 5 minutes before the fan is turned on. With this process, the pads would be saturated first and the cooler would be made more efficient.
  • Ceiling fans must be used for circulating the air.

Maintenance of industrial evaporative coolers

  • Before the start of summer, the panels must be removed and debris in the water pan must be cleaned. With this, it would be ensured that clean water is reaching the pads and isn’t being gummed up by debris, dust or leaves.
  • The fan belt must be checked. It shouldn’t be moving more than an inch. If it is sagging, then replacement is needed.
  • The blower should be lubricated with oil on regular basis
  • Ensure that the pads are in a good condition. If they look ratty or worn, replacement is needed.

The cooler motor and pump must be turned on for checking if the pads are evenly getting sated. Check for leaks. If any holes are noticed, then call a mechanic.

The operation of industrial & commercial air coolers is quite different as compared to evaporative condensers and cooling towers. However, industrial evaporative coolers by Atul are definitely a great and a safe way for cooling commercial buildings as well as industries. However, Industrial evaporative coolers Manufacturers India suggest that regular and proper maintenance is necessary for coolers. Let us see how this is done

  1. Replace water on a monthly basis. Industrial coolers even those having water feed must be drained and then refilled with fresh water on a monthly basis.
  2. Coolers must be regularly disinfected – Between 3 to 6 months
    When industrial & commercial coolers are maintained regularly, their working life improves, efficiency is improved and odors are prevented. The period of maintenance depends on quality of water and air but should normally be disinfected within a period of 3 months.
  • The Industrial evaporative cooler must be completely drained out and refilled with mixture of household bleach and fresh water. 5 milliliters of bleach must be used for 5 liters of water. This concentration shouldn’t be exceeded as then damage can be caused to the cooler.
  • The cooler must be run without the fan for around 30 minutes
  • The evaporative cooler must be emptied and then refilled with fresh water

Summer checkups

  • Water level must be checked on a regular basis. The level of water should always be little above the tray, with the overflow pipe sticking out of water.
  • Check working part including fan belt, motor and pump.
  • The condition of cooling pads must be checked. The cooler runs efficiently if pads are cleaned properly.

Winterizing the industrial coolers

  • As soon as you are sure that the cooler isn’t needed, it has to be winterized. The buildup of mineral deposits has to be cleaned so that it isn’t hardened during winter.
  • The tray must be cleaned and water must be drained completely
  • For preventing the water line from freezing, it must be disconnected from the cooler.