Tag: Corrosion free

Atul uPVC Pipes with No Electrolyte Deposition

Atul uPVC pipes are non reactive with acidic and alkali substances in water & avoids Electro Chemical reactions which results in encrustation of pipes and thus giving No Electrolyte Deposition. Applications:- 1. To provide water connections for bathrooms, kitchens, sinks and laboratories etc. 2. Water supply and distribution in complexes, houses, flats, offices, hotels, hospitals […]

Rust Free Atul uPVC Pipes

Atul uPVC pipes offers excellent life avoiding electro chemical reactions which lead to encrustation of pipes. uPVC pipes are non reactive with acidic & alkali substances in water which ensures longer life cycle. Atul uPVC pipes are Rust free pipes that are widely used in systems of water distribution, discharge systems and sewage as well. […]

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