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Install Atul uPVC Pipes

Install Atul uPVC Pipes and Be safe from any Rust or Corrosion. Stay Safe from germs or bacteria. Stay Healthy #atulgroup #atulpipes #upvcpipes #pipes #staysafe #stayhealthy #coronavirus #covid19 #exhaustfans #dustbins #multipurposetubs #generators #handpumps #pumpsets #watertanks #gasgeyser

Atul uPVC Pressure Pipes for Agricultural Purpose

Atul uPVC Pressure Pipes offer High Strength & Durability and are provided with plain socket that is best suitable for solvent cement jointing. Main Application of Pressure Pipes are:- 1. Agriculture Purposes 2. Water Supply 3. Drip Irrigation 4. Sprinkler Lines 5. Drinking Water Distribution 6. Cable Ducting These pipes are available in light grey […]

Atul uPVC Pipes does not impact Quality of Water

Atul uPVC Pipes are manufactured on most sophisticated, state of the art machines to ensure a flawless product at every time. uPVC Pipes are non-reactive with acidic & alkali substances in water and does not impact any color, odor or taste of water and thus giving Improved Quality of Water. Applications:- 1. To provide water […]

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