uPVC Pipes



PPR Pipes

Atul is pioneer to design develop and market UPVC Pipes that are being successfully used in the erection of submersible borehole pumps up to depth of 1000 feet. More than 2,00,000 successful installations have taken place across the globe.


  • Long Life
  • No rusting, corrosion or deterioration
  • Light in Weight
  • Easy Installation
  • Cost Saver
  • Power Saver

Atul Three Layer UV Stabilised and anti-bacterial PP-R Poly Propylene Random pipes for Hot & Cold water plumbing applications. Best suited for extremes of Indian Climate with operational life over 50 years.


  1. Portable water pipe networks for hot and cold installation.
  2. Pipe network for sanitary lines.
  3. Pipe networks for compressed air plants.
  4. Water purifying plants.
  5. Lines for conveying liquid food products.
  6. Conveying air pressure.
  7. Flow of aggressive fluids like acids, alkaline, solutions.
  8. Radiator heating pipes.
  9. Under floor heating pipes.