Electronic regulators made of state-of-the-art electronic components to assure high performance & reliability. Electronic regulators equipped with output voltage regulator trimmer, a stability control trimmer & a low frequency protection trimmer.

  • Small and compact size.
  • Durable under dust, damp and vibration.
  • Under frequency protection : When the generator frequency drops below the set point, generator output voltage is decreased with the curve proportional to the frequency.
  • Over Excitation : In case of over excitation the AVR shuts down the output to protect the generator winding coil from burning out.

Electric Features include

  • Insulation of ‘F/H’ class material for both Stator & Rotor.
  • Tropicalized Windings.
  • Low-loss lamination used.
  • Voltage adjusted by an electronic regulator/compounding transformer.

Mechanical features include

  • Steel casing with end side covers in cast iron.
  • Shaft is of high-tensile C40 steel.
  • Rotor is of laminated steel (with salient poles for a runaway speed of drive motors.
  • Rotor equipped with damping cage to allow satisfactory operation even in single-phase, distorted loads.
  • Bearings with life-long lubrication up to size 6313.
  • Self-ventilation enabled through a fan fitted onto the shaft.

Degree of Protection

  • IP 23

Operating Conditions

  • Performance date reported in catalogue valid for operations at Altitude not exceeding 1000m ASL.
  • Ambient temperature not exceeding 40oC.

Asynchronous Motor Start

  • 1 HP for each kVA of alternator can be started.

Short Circuit Current

  • In 3-phase symmetric short circuit, exceeds rated current by 300%, ensuring correct operation of protection.


  • 10% overload for 1 hour every 6 hours is normally accepted.
  • Short overloads can be very high (3 times the rated current.)

Recovery Time

At full load, voltage returns to nominal value in less than 0.1 seconds.

Radio Interference

Standard units meet EN50081-1 and EN50082-1 standards. Upon request, filters can be studies & produced according to more restrictive specifications.

Operating at Slow Speed

Self-regulation of Brushless alternators allows slow speed operations without danger of undergoing damages.

Terminal Board & Terminal Box

Terminal box is of sheet steel & contains main terminals board & automatic voltage regulator/compounding transformer. Dimensions of terminal box allow easy access for connecting terminals on terminal board. A lateral opening allows access to potentiometer on regulator and set the voltage without opening the terminals box.

Single Phase Duty

Single-phase output power is approximately 40% of 3-phase rated power in star connections (using phase voltage) or 65% of 3-phase rated power in delta connections.

Output Voltage Waveform

Waveform of no-load line voltage or applying a balanced linear 3-phase load is sinusoidal with harmonical residual less than 5%.

Voltage Accuracy

Voltage accuracy in static conditions is within ‡5% (with compounding transformer).

Transient Voltage Drop

At full load, the transient voltage drop is less than 10%

Reference standards

Brushless series alternators manufactured pursuant to provisions of IS 4722 & IS 13364 directives.