Atul Residential Coolers


1No Maintenance 2No Rust
No Paint
3Shock Proof 4Large Water Tanks 5Lower Power Consumption



This model is also one of our latest offering to the market.The looks of this model is really ‘Elegant’ and has superb cooling performance. The sleek and beautiful design makes this cooler most sought after for placing in the drawing rooms and showrooms.It is fitted with 18” Exhaust Fan(is also available with 15” Exhaust fan) and easily cools upto 900 sq. feet area. This cooler has one piece cabinet/body with an inbuilt water tank of 130litres capacity. It is available with both types of Cooling Media – Wood Wool and Honey Comb Pads.


T E C H N I C A L   S P E C I F I C A T I O N




Motor RPM 1400 RPM 1400 RPM
Pump Medium Medium
Cooling Area* 700 sq. ft. 900 sq. ft.
Air Delivery 4300 m3 / hr 4600 m3 / hr
Electrical 230v / 50 hz 230v / 50 hz
Wattage 230 watt 390 watt
Max. Current 1.0  Amp. 1.7  Amp.
Exhaust / Kit Exhaust Exhaust
Fan Diameter 15″ 18″
Water Capacity 130 Ltr. 130 Ltr.
Cooling Media Honey Comb Pad / Wood Wool Honey Comb Pad / Wood Wool
Dimensions of Product (mm) L 673.1 x W 609.6 x H 1625.6 L 673.1 x W 609.6 x H 1625.6
Weight of Product 34.5 kg. 36 kg.