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ATUL COOLER’S has a single piece roto-molded housing constructed of very durable cross-linked corrosion free LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) material.

We are pleased to inform you that we are the First Indian Company who is producing LLDPE Coolers. We have various Models according to the requirement of different customers.


We provide five years warranty on LLDPE cooler cabinet.


Our LLDPE coolers are strong enough to resist against odd weather conditions like Bright Sunlight, Rains, Winters.


Our Coolers are made of LLDPE plastic which is a bad conductor of heat and electricity.


The Honeycomb pads in our cooler absorbs dust particles and pollens from the air and throws out improved quality of air.


Power consumption is typically reduced by 2/3rd of the refrigerated air.


Estimated cost of installation is significantly less compared to central air conditioning.


Only two mechanical parts in most basic coolers means they can be repaired inexpensively.


Lower electricity cost means the cost of installation is recovered in 4-5 months.


Linear low-density polyethylene(LLDPE) is a special type of plastic which is almost on unbreakable. It is better than ABS & PP plastic which is available in market.

Today’s market we see two kinds of coolers

 1 – Metal Type Cooler

This is old traditional type of coolers which is being used in India for last so many years and are more selling then plastic coolers. The reason for this is the performance as it has Exhaust Fan fitted in it. But the major drawback is that the body gets rusted very fast and also has current problems.

2 – Plastic Type Cooler

This widely used ABS / PP plastic cooler is being manufactured by lot of companies and selling in Indian market. Their advantage is that it is plastic and does not get rusted. But their main disadvantage is they don’t have exhaust fan. Instead they have a special kit which makes cooling performance low in comparison to metal coolers. The cooler body of plastic coolers is also not as strong so as to sustain for long.

Keeping in view both metal and plastic coolers, our Group has successfully made a mixture of both the conventional type of coolers and have successfully launched its own range of coolers – ATUL Coolers. Atul Coolers is made up of special type of plastic body which has all advantages like no rust, no corrosion, no current, etc, and has a very strong body. We are also providing 5 years warranty on the cooler body. The performance of ATUL Coolers is just like metal coolers as it has high quality exhaust fans fitted in them and also has large water storage tanks to provide continuous cooling for longer duration.

We feel proud to have a wide range of ATUL Coolers and hope to attain utmost customer satisfaction by providing our customer’s best service.

Special Features

Body – Virgin LLDPE is used in ATUL Coolers and no scrap/second material is used at all as we want to maintain best quality

Exhaust – In ATUL Cooler’s, 100% Copper winded motors are being used and special type of 3 speed motor is used. Also for extra safety of motor there is plastic cover on top of the motor which provides extra safety from water also it protects it from burning easily. In ATUL Coolers we use low power consumption motors.

Pump – High quality pump is used in ATUL Coolers and a special type of Nylon Jaali is placed like a cover of the pump Io prevent dust, etc from entering into the pump and damage it.

Honey Comb Pad – Special type of Honey Comb Pads of 5mm Flute which is the best and are being imported from outside India are being used in ATUL Coolers. There Honey Comb Pads provide much better cooling then wood wool.

Nut & Bolts – In ATUL Coolers all the nuts and bolts are of Stainless Steel which prevents it from rust & corrosion.

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