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Power saver Atul uPVC pipes

Atul uPVC pipes are highly popular variant of PVC pipe and fittings that are highly flexible and resists all sorts of harsh environments.

Atul uPVC pipes are Power Saver pipes that are widely used in sysytems of water distribution, discharge sysytems and sewage as well.

1. Transporting potable water for use in industrial and domestic applications.
2. Irrigation and agriculture.
3. Transport of groundwater for land engineering projects.
4. Transporting processing fluids within industries.
5. To drain out industrial effluents and sewage.
6. Conveying abrasive slurries.
7. Transport, alkalis, acids among other fluids that may be corrosive in nature
8. Venting systems
9. Serving as the duct or conduit for fragile pipping systems and cables

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