For A Social Cause

Be a socially responsible corporate, addressing to the need of community and environment.


At Atul Group, we believe that as organizations grow in size and scale, they must play an active role in public welfare. Their accountability must go beyond business interests. Towards society at large. And in transforming communities they operate in.

So, from the very beginning, we have endeavored to make a positive contribution to the underprivileged communities by supporting a wide range of socio-economic, educational, health and environment initiatives.

As a conscientious corporate citizen, we want our CSR initiatives to have a lasting and positive imprint on the society. Many of our community programs are driven by active participation – that is, of course, keeping with our philosophy that employees are our biggest `change agents’ not only in the technology marketplace but in the broader society.

Green Vision

Atul Group continues to have a strong environment focus. It has been catalyzing associate awareness through environment consciousness campaigns that extend to the homes and families of Atul Group associates – in the process, multiplying the environment conservation efforts. Other initiatives include waste management, plant adoption drives and a reduction in the organization’s carbon footprint.

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